Reflective Golf Flags 

C-Flag golf flags bring a revolutionary concept to the golf course.  We offer reflective technology as an option to our flags. The flag is designed to reflect the growing number of lasers used by golfers to determine distance.  Until now, only the flagsticks offered a reflective prism for this purpose.  Golfers using lasers typically aim their lasers at the flag but not the flagstick. This makes flagstick prisms less reliable as the golfer is aiming their laser at the flag.  Our flags will make lasers more effective and easy to use. A golf course will no longer need to purchase additional prisms as we build reflective into the golf flag.  

C-Flag Golf Flags offer over a dozen design templates and 32+ colors choices. All with the option of reflective technology. C-Flag is an “all in one” product made with the very best fabrics and quality construction.